MEASURING TOOLS

           Wood work deals with construction of wooden items.

It could be carpentry, joinery or furniture making.

Carpentry work includes making roofs, floors, partitions, form work in
building constructions.

Joinery is the fixing and fitting of wooden parts with joint to make
wooden structures such as doors, windows, stairs etc.

Furniture is the making of wooden articles such as tables, chairs used
at homes, wardrobes and offices.

The preparation of wood for woodwork involves the accurate use of
measuring tools and adequate knowledge of the “Metric Measurement”.
The reason is that all measuring tools are graduated in metric
unit,that is meters, centimeters, and millimeters etc.

METRIC RULES.  The woodwork metric rules are as follows;

i.Steel tape; The steel tape is also called tape is made of
flexible spring steel coiled inside a plastic is used to
measure longer dimensions.

ii. Steel rule; The steel  rule is available in stainless steel marked
in millimeters, centimeters, meters and is for measuring
short dimension.

iii. Outside calipers; Are used to measure outside diameter of
cylindrical object.

iv. Inside calipers; Are used to measure inside diameter of a circular objects.

v. Odd legs calipers; Are also known as jennies has one
pointed leg while the other leg is carved is used for
measuring center lines of a cylindrical works or objects.

Vi .A pair of dividers; This tool has two pointed is used for
drawing arcs and, transferring measurement from rules to the places of

                             Setting and Marking Out Tools

After measurement is completed ,the next process is setting and
marking out of different wooden parts.The tools used for those
operations are; Tee-square, Sliding bevel,.Mitre-square, Pair of
compass,Trammels,Marking knife, Marking gauge, Mortise gauge, Plum-bob