Attitudes to different form of accidents

Behavioural Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:

SUBJECT: National value
CLASS:Primary four
TOPIC: Attitude to different form of accident
SUB-TOPIC: Meaning of accidents and accident victims

  1. List the forms of accidents and their causes
  2. Describe some of the different kind of positive attitudes to accident victims. An accident is an unpleasant event that happens suddenly and cause harm, and damage to human lives and property. Accident victims are those who are involved in accidents. They are helpless people who need attention and care. They didn’t plan for what happened to them, neither did they know that it was going to happen. TYPES OF ACCIDENTS
  3. Road accident
  4. Air crash
  5. Marine(water) accident
  6. Rail accident
  7. Domestic accidents – fire, hot water, electrical shock
  8. Occupational accident (accidents that occur due to the kind of work people do).

Let us discuss the ROAD ACCIDENT.

✳️Road accident: when an accident occur on the road, it is called road traffic accident. Road accident can occur between a moving vehicle and another road user on foot, or it could be between two or more vehicles.
Road accidents may be caused by any of the following:

  1. Carelessness of the drivers and other road users
  2. Over – speeding on the road
  3. Bad condition of vehicles
  4. Bad roads
  5. Lack of road signs on our roads/ illiteracy(some drivers cannot read or interpret road signs).
  6. Drunkenness
  7. Poor eye sight
  8. Bad weather


  1. Define an accident
  2. Who is an accident victim
  3. Mention 3 causes of road accidents

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