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An adverbial clause performs the work of an adverb. It tells how, where, when,why, to what extent or under what condition has an action in the main verb taken place. An adverbial clause is introduced by a subordinating conjunction i.e word(s) that show (s) the relationship between the adverbial clause and the word(s) which the clause modifies. One can easily identify the adverbial clause type through these subordinating conjunctions:

1.Tme adverbial is introduced by when, whenever,as, while, before, after,as soon as etc.

(2) Manner or degree adverbial is introduced by as well as,as if,as fast as,as though,as,than,etc.

(3) Result adverbial is introduced by that, so fast that,etc.

(4)Concession adverbial is introduced by through, even, although,if, although, even if, etc.

(5) Place adverbial is introduced by where, wherever,where-in, etc.

(6) Purpose adverbial is introduced by that,so that, in order that.etc.

(7) Comparison adverbial is introduced by so….as,as….as,than, etc.

(8) Condition adverbial is introduced by if, unless, provided that, provided,etc.

(9) Reason adverbial is introduced by for, since, due to, because, etc. Having seen this, let us see how likely they appear in constructions e.g.In the expression:Dami left before the cock crows…… before the cock crows is an adverbial clause of time and it modifies the verb “left”. 2)Yemi shouted as if he saw something strange.”as if he saw something strange” is an adverbial clause of manner and it modifies the verb “shouted”. 3)He prayed hard that he became liberated.”that he became liberated” is an adverbial clause of result and it modifies the verb “prayed”. (4)I will not pay the money even if I have the surplus.”even if I have the surplus” is an adverbial clause of concession, and it modifies the verb”pay”. 5)I saw the envelope where it was kept.”where it was kept” is an adverbial clause of place and it modifies the verb”saw”. (6)He screamed in order to rescue himself.”in order to rescue himself”;is an adverbial clause of purpose and it modifies the verb”screamed”. (7)Fiyin plays the piano better than others do.”than others do” is an adverbial clause of Comparison.It modifies the verb”plays”. (8) They would be promoted if they pass the examination.”if they pass the examination”is an adverbial clause of condition.It modifies the verb”promoted”. (9)The Teacher scolded the seniors because they failed the welcome test.”because they failed the welcome test”is an adverbial clause of reason.It modifies the verb”scolded”. *PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERY FIRST PART OF EACH STATEMENT IN NUMBER 1-9 ABOVE IS REFERRED TO AS THE MAIN CLAUSE AND THAT AN ADVERBIAL CLAUSE MODIFIES THE VERB IN THE MAIN CLAUSE. THANK YOU. ASSIGNMENT—-NOSEC ,SS2; TERRM 3; UNIT 2; STRUCTURE; PAGE 164;NO 1-5.