Basic Electricity

Subject: Basic Science
Topic: Basic Electricity
Electricity is a form energy, produced in various ways. It is very important in our lives, because it gives us light. Almost all appliances in our homes and schools use it. Appliances that use electricity are radios, fans, televisions, refrigerators, computers, pressing irons, etc.
Types of Electricity
We have two types of electricity namely static and currents
Static Electricity:
This type of electricity gathers and stays in a position.
The existence of this electricity can be verified by rubbing vigorously a plastic pen or rubber comb on wool, fur or hair and then brought near small pieces of paper.
Current Electricity
This is a type of electricity generated as a result of the movement of electrons in chemical substances and metals. This is the most useful type of electricity.
Lighting Bulbs with Cells
Dry cells or simple cells are used in torchlight’s. When two or more simple cells are connected together, we have a battery. When a bulb and battery are connected using electrical (metal) wire, we have an electrical circuit.
Home Work: Differentiate between static and current electricity.

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