Care and Maintenance of Clothing

Subject: Pre-vocational studies
Topic: Care and maintenance of clothing’s
Clothes that are not properly maintained and cared for will not last for a long time. When clothes are well cared for or maintained, they affect one’s appearance and health. There are various ways of maintaining and caring for clothes. These include:
I ) Mending;
ii) Sorting;
iii) Laundering;
iv) Removing of stains;
v) Starching and airing
vi) Bluing, ironing and storing (hanging, folding)
Preparing Mending kit
A mending kit is a kit that contains all the major tools necessary to carry out any repair on torn clothes at all times.
Items in a mending kit
I ) needles of various sizes
ii) Thimble to protect the fingers
iii) Thread of various colours
iv) Buttons of various types and sizes
v) Zippers (vi) Scissors (vii) Razor blade (viii) Pins (ix) tape measure
How to make a mending kit
I ) measure out the length, breadth of a cotton material and hem allowance to the required size.
ii) fold the length into two with one ride 20cm longer than the other to form a flap
iii) Hem the short end 1cm wide
iv) Stitch the sides of the bag using a French seam (v) Hem the flap using decorative stitches
vi) Attach press stand to flap (vi) make a strap of 65cm by 3cm wide using same material
Home-Work: what is a mending kit?