Classes of food for sport and games

(NOTE: This should be a discussion class where the teacher will sample the opinions of the pupils and make them use their cognit to assemble some puzzles about food meant for sport)

As we all know that there are six(6) major classes of food and they are

  1. CARBOHYDRATES; (Energy giving food) e.g. Yam, rice, potato, cassava
  2. FATS: (Energy giving food and enduring more than carbohydrates) e.g. Managarine, cheese, butter, palm and vegetable oil
  3. PROTEIN: (Body building and repair food) e.g. Meat, Fish, milk, beans, fruits
  4. VITAMINS: (Maintainance of body health) eg. Vitamin A(carrot, tomato e.t.c.), Vitamin B( Yeast, liver e.t.c.), Vitamin C( vegetable, citrus e.t.c) and so on.
  5. MINERAL SALT: (Formation of body chemicals and conduct body functions) e.g. iodised salt e.t.c
  6. WATER: (General solvent for other foods and products e.g. rain, portable drinking water e.t.c.

Vividly we can point out the following factors as why we eat food in other word importance of food

  1. Eliminates hunger
  2. Provides energy
  3. Enhance growth
  4. Resistance to diseases
  5. Aids healing and recovery process from illness.

There are foods essential for athletes and other people who participate in sports/games. The best food/feeding mode for athlete at any time is BALANCED DIET.

Food in the stomach disturbs actions of the heart and respiratory muscles during activities, therefore feeding habit/routine that will enhance better performance should be maintained.

With your own discretion, discus the following

  1. Types of food that can be taken in OFF-GAME PERIODS
  2. Types of food that can be taken in PRE-GAME PERIODS
  3. Types of food that can be taken in COMPETITION PERIODS
  4. Types of food to be taken by long distance athletes
  5. Types of food to be taken by sprint/100meters athlete

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