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A consumer is an individual who makes the final use of goods and services provided by a firm. Therefore, consumer protection can be defined as the various ways and methods adopted by the government and private organizations to ensure that consumers are not cheated or exploited by the producers and middlemen and that they derive maximum satisfaction from the consumption of goods and services they pay for.
It can be defined as the organized efforts or actions of consumers or individuals to protect themselves against the unfair practices of businessmen. It can also be defined as a protest against business injustices and the efforts to correct such injustices.
They have the right to choose between alternatives
Consumers have the right to food things of life
They have the right to safety
The consumers also have the right to be heard
They have the right to be informed
Consumers have the right to het or receive value for their money
Consumers have the right to seek redress to correct any injustices
They have the right to no e in a healthy environment
Substandard Goods or Low Quality Goods: Some producers sometimes offer for sale substandard goods without taking the consumers into consideration, hence the reason for consumer protection.
Misleading and False Advertisement: The claims of some advertisers about their product may be deceptive, hence the need for protection.
Incorrect Weights and Measures: The consumers are offered protection in order to avoid the use of deceptive weights and measures in the same of goods by the sellers.
Protection Against Harmful and Dangerous Goods: They should be protected against dangerous goods or goods which may be harmful to health
Credit Purchase Agreement: Since some consumers may not know the details of credit agreement before entering into a contract, they must be protected against false credit facilities, e.g hire purchase.
Other reasons foe consumer protection are: rights to choose should not be restricted, regular supply of goods, awareness of certain laws, to ensure maximum satisfaction, unreasonable high price and inadequate instructions or direction
Means by Which Consumers can be Protected
Formation of consumers associations to test quality of goods and its recommendations
There should be enactment of goods and drug Act to see to it that all consumable items have expiry dates.
Price control measure should be put in place to curb any arbitrary price increase
Formation of standard board or quality control board to test the quality of very item before allowing its introduction to the market
Advertising organization should be set up to censor all adverts before being shown on the screens.