Cooking Steamed bean pudding (Moin-Moin)


Beans, palm oil, warm water, ground crayfish, ground onions/ pepper, boiled fish, seasoning(magi)

Cooking equipment:

Aluminum plates, Stove or gas cooker, pot, kitchen knife, cooking spoon, chips of wood

Step involved:

I ) Soak the beans in water for 15 – 20 minutes

ii) Dehusk (i.e. remove outer covering of the beans)

iii) Using a blender, grinding stone or manual grinder, grinds the beans until it is soft

iv) Put chips of wood in a clean pot

v) Pour a little water into the pot

vi) Add warm water and warm oil to the ground beans and stir properly

vii) Add the mashed boiled fish, Cray fish, maggi and salt

viii) Add more water to the bean paste, until it is soft but not watery

ix) Put the mixture in small aluminum containers or wrap small amounts of the mixture with foil or leaves and place them on wooden chips in the pot

x) Depending on the containers used, cover the moin-moin with foil, leaves or a clean rice bag

xi) Cover the pot with a tight fitting lid

xii) Simmer for 30 minutes, add water each time the water in the pot is about to dry up

xiii) When the pudding becomes firm, bring down the pot from the stove, unrap or remove the moin-moin from the aluminum containers

xiv) Serve with pap (akamu), rice, agidi, garri soaked in cold water

Home work: List five steps involved in cooking moin-moin .