Cooking Stewed Beans


Beans, Palm oil, dried fish, seasoning (maggi) , water, onion(sliced)

Equipment needed:

Pot, Stove, knife, cooking spoon, measuring cup, teaspoon, bowl, chopping board

Cooking method:

I ) Pick the beans to remove stone and dirt.

Ii) Wash the beans and put into a pot of water on a lighted stove

Iii)  As the beans begin to boil, add sliced onions

Iv)  Add the ground ingredients, oil, fish and crayfish

v) Finally, add maggi and salt

vi ) Reduce heat and cooking slowly

vii) When the beans is soft, stir and remove from heat. It is ready for eating

viii) Serve with agidi, fried ripe plantain (dodo) or garri soaked in cold water. Home work: List five(5) steps involved in cooking beans