Crossing The Bar.

The poem “Crossing The Bar” is a meditation on Death. It begins with a reflection of the poetic personae on what he describes as one (call) clear call for me (line 2) on a certain evening when he realizes that it is time for him to go to the sea. He hopes that the sea will have become calm after her usual turbulent movements. He further expresses the hope that when twilight eventually turns into darkness and he consequently embarks on his journey, his people will not be sad over his departure. Finally, he notes that though the journey may take him to a far and distant location, he believes it would be profitable because it will afford him the great opportunity to meet his pilot. Metaphorically therefore, “Crossing The Bar” relates the poetic personae’s pre-occupation with the coming of death as an inevitable phenomenon. ASSIGNMENT:FORM A COMPREHENSIVE NOTE ON THE POEM “CROSSING THE BAR”.