According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. Democracy can also be defined as the government in the hand of the majority.
The world democracy was coined from two Latin words. Demo which means people and Kratia which means government or power. Democracy started with the Greek city -states of Athens and Sparta.
PERIODIC ELECTION: Elections must be conducted periodically or at regular interval.
FREE AND FAIR ELECTION: The election to be conducted must be free and fair without any form of CMULTI PARTY SYSTEM: More than one political party must compete for power in an election.
MAJORITY RULE: Majority participate in government.
RULE OF LAW: The law of the land must be supreme.

DIRECT DEMOCRACY: This was a government practiced in the Greek city states in which all the people directly ruled, made and implanted policies of government.
INDIRECT DEMOCRACY/ REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT: This is a form of democracy in which citizens elect representatives who will govern the state on their behalf.
CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY: This is a form of democracy that derives its powers from the constitution.