Description of the /W/ sound

Description of the /W/ sound

When you say /W/, the soft part of the roof of your mouth is raised, your tongue is in a position similar to that assumed in the pronunciation of /U:/ and your lips are forward and rounded. Howeve, /W/ is more rounded when saying words like woo, wood, and war than when saying with, west and we. The /W/ sound is voiced sound.

The /W/ sound is heard in the words wet, twins, winked, sweetly and woman.

Spelling of the /W/ sound

The /W/ sound is spelt in different ways in English.

wwhqu (= /kW/)u (after g)unusual


Note that the letter /W/ is silent in the words like wrong, write, wright, wrong , wrap, wrath , answer, sword and wreck. Also wh in words like what, whale, wham.

Sound contrast

 /W/ and /j/ sounds

              /W/                  /j/
woo /wu:/ you /ju:/
warn /w..:n/yawn /j..:n/
woke /w..kyoke /j…K/


From the words lettered A-D, choose the word that has the same sound as the one represented by the letters underlined.

1. which  A. wrong. B. answer. C. wet. D. wrestle

2. suite A. shut. B. shoot C. sweet D. suit.

3. one  A. won. B. only. C. fond. D . count

4. use  A. lust . B. you  C. chew  D. truce

5. quick A. aware. B. book. C. fruit. D. slush