Violence is a physical force used to harm someone or something. Hence domestic violence is the problem or trouble between members of the same family.

                                                    ISSUES RELATING TO VIOLENCE

                    1. Violence hurt people

                     2. It occurs in many families

                     3. Violent behavior is often learnt

                     4. Violent behaviour can also be learnt 

                      5. Violent behaviour often comes from people who have regard for their victim.

                                                     DIFFERENT FORMS O VIOLENCE

                       1. Verbal conversation

                       2. Physical fighting

                       3. Wife battering

                       4. Land dispute

                       5. Child revolution against parent

                                                      TYPES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

                        1. Partner abuse

                        2. Child abuse—- Neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse.

TO DO AT HOME: Write out three types of house with their advantages and disadvantages