Drawing Instrument

There are special instruments used in drawing. These instruments are used for specific purposes and in different ways. Some are used for the drawing activities while some are used just as support tools.

Divider, compass,ruler,tee-square,set-square drawing board protractor.

1-The Drawing Board: This is a rectangular flat wood of about 450mm by 600mm made of softwood (plywood). Before drawing, the drawing sheet is placed in such a way that the length of the drawing board is same as the sheet.
2- Protractor: This is used for laying out measuring angles.
Divider: This is used to transfer size. It is used to take measurement of length on a ruler.
4. Compass: This is used to draw circles and areas.
5-Tee-square: This is uses as a guide to drawing straight lines. Horizontal lines are drawn guiding the pencil with the upper edge of the tee-square
6 -Set-square: There are two types of set square,one is called 45 degree triangle while the other one is called 60 degree triangle.

Assignment: Draw a protractor and a compass.