Driving tools are called ‘Percussion tools.

                          They are tools used for striking nails,
chisel, gauges, punches and driving screws into wood. The various
driving tools used by wood workers are as follow;

Hammers: Hammers are used to drive in nails into a wood or plank.
examples of such hammer are

i.Claw hammer: which has  a head with a claw and wooden handle. the
head is used for pulling and removing nails from wood.

ii. Warrington hammer: This type of hammer has a head made from tool
steel and a wooden handle.it is used for general carpentry and joinery

Screw driver: Are available in various shapes and sizes. they consist
of metal blades with various heads, shapes, and either wooden or
plastic handles.they are used for inserting and removing screws in
wood and meTypes of screw drivers are; Flat screw drivers, Star screw
drivers, Allen screw drivers.

Spanners: Spanners are made from high carbon steel.it is available in
different shapes. they are used for tightening bolts and nuts during
assembling of wooden parts or wooden and metal part.
                                       Types of Spanners are;Flathead
spanner, Ring head spanner, Adjustable spanner and Box head spanner

Nail punch: The nail punch is made of tool steel.it is used to punch
nails below the surface of the wood.

Pincer: The pincer is a tool made from forged steel.it has two jaws
with sharp edge and two arms for easy handling.it is used for pulling
nails and screws from wood.

                                                  Work to do at home

Draw the following tool,

A screw driver

A Hammer

A Spanner.