Drug Trafficking 2

Consequences of drug trafficking and prevention of drug trafficking


1. Life imprisonment: those caught and convicted will have a life jail term.

2. It dents the nation’s image: Nations whose citizens are known for drug trafficking are always avoided. Today many Nigerians face a lot of embarrassments while they travel abroad because drug barons have dented our image.

3. It increases crime rate: most of those who take hard drugs always engage in crimes like armed robbery, hooliganism, violence, looting and many others. Drug traffickers make drugs available to people and this indirectly increases crime rate in the society particularly among youths.

4. It brings shame to the family: those caught in drug trafficking always bring disgrace and shame to their family. People in the community will be avoiding relations of such people.

5. It brings untimely death: people who carry hard drugs by swallowing a times die suddenly.

6. Social nuisance: drug users constitute a lot of social nuisance to the society. Dangerous driving, disobedience to the law, domestic violence, causing suffering for people living nearby and if left unchallenged,it can have a negative impact on infant behaviour.
7. Increase in HIV/AIDS: A united Nations report says some 22 percent of the world’s HIV positive population are drug users who injected themselves with infected needles.


1. Education: Children in primary and secondary schools should be exposed to the basic facts about drug trafficking. This removes ignorance and tendency to be hired into the act by drug barons.

2. Provisions of more jobs: Government should initiate policy that will lead to job creation. This helps youths to be gainfully employed and resist any temptation to engage in drug trafficking.

3. Poverty alleviation: Government should rigorously pursue its poverty alleviation programmes .More skill acquisition centres should be established in all local government in Nigeria so that more youths can learn skills that can earn them income legally.

4. Support for law enforcement agents: Government should give more support to NDLEA, Police and other agencies fighting drug trafficking in Nigeria. More funds should be provided and necessary laws should be made to ease their job.

5. International cooperation: war against drug trafficking cannot be fought single handedly. The government should cooperate with other countries and international agencies fighting this crime so that drug traffickers will find it difficult to operate in Nigeria.

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