Drug trafficking refers to the illegal act of carrying or transporting hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, Indian hemp, marijuana and many others within or outside a country .Those who engage in this illegal business are called drug traffickers or drug barons.

        Drug trafficking is a major source of crime worldwide.Not only is there physical danger inherent in the use of illegal drugs but drug smuggling is also frequently accompanied by other crimes such as murder, kidnapping, prostitution, and assault. Drug trafficking is a serious offence which attracts death sentence in some countries.

       The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency [NDLEA] is the major government agency that fights against drug trafficking in Nigeria in collaboration with other paramilitary officers and international organizations.

Reasons For Drug Trafficking

The reasons why people engage in drug trafficking are;

1.Unemployment: Some unemployed individual feel that engaging in drug trafficking will help them in                sustaining them and their family.

2.Bad company: peer group influence is another reason. Some are introduced to the illegal business by their friends.

3. Poverty: people who are poverty- ridden may be forced to become drug baron so that they can suddenly become rich.

4. Greed: The tendency and desire for wealth and materialism is a major reason for drug trafficking.

5. Ignorance: some people ignorantly go into drug trafficking .Drug barons’a times woo innocent people into illegal act without making them know the implications.

6.Lucrativity of the business: many people see the business as a fast way of making a lot of money. This attracts them into the illegal act.

7.Indiscplined: those who lack self-disciplined can be easily enticed and wooed into drug trafficking by drug barons.

ASSIGNMENT: Discuss [5] consequences or effect of drug trafficking.