An emergency management is an event that occurs suddenly which can lead to death, serious injuries and damages to people and things around.
     Emergency Management is a process of creating an avenue which helps people in the community to reduce possibility of hazards and how to cope with them.e.g, Corona Virus pandemic.
 Emergency Management involves three major stages which are planning, prompt response and total recovery.
  1. THE PLANNING ASPECT: This has to do with preparedness. The government or the agencies involved must constantly organize training for it’s personnel, get necessary equipment in order to promptly respond to emergencies.
  2. PROMPT RESPONSE: This second stage cannot be possible if the stage of preparedness is very poor. This stage involves movement of personnel, resources, equipment to the place of event. What is needed to save the situation depends on the event.
  3. RECOVERY ASPECT: This stage attempts to bring the affected area to the initial stage or helping to minimize loss or pains of the victims by taking some measures.
  4. ACCIDENTS: Road accidents create an emergency situation. The victims need to be urgently cared for so that they do not die. The immediate intervention of police, FRSC, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), are often needed in such situation.
  5. FIRE: Fire accidents always require immediate intervention of fire fighters, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) personnel, etc.to minimize human and material losses.
  6. DROWNING: Another type of emergency situation that needs to be well managed is drowning. This may occur in the river, swimming pool, well etc. In this situation, the people must be rescued to avert loss of lives.
  7. FAKE DRUGS: When fake drugs are discovered, NAFDAC officials swing into action by quickly destroying them. Where fake drugs have been used, the victims are quickly attended to by medical personnel.
  8. FOOD POISONING: This is another situation where immediate response of medical personnel would be needed to save some lives before it is too late.
  9. BUILDING COLLAPSE: When a building collapses usually some people will be trapped inside. Effort should be made to rescue them. The efforts of the police NEMA and other relevant organizations would always be needed in this regard to manage situations.
  10. PLANE CRASH: This is one of the most disastrous occurrences that need urgent intervention. In most cases, it takes the efforts of the police, fire fighters, NEMA and others to manage this situation.
    In an emergency situation, the victims are in great needs. For instance, a drowning child needs instant care within his environment or else, he will die. If there is any emergency management case, the following steps can be taken:
    i. The case must be reported to the appropriate authority for quick action e.g incase of road accidents, the Federal Road Safety Commission should be contacted immediately through their telephone numbers.
    ii. In some minor cases, the victims may be given first aid e.g, in case of road accidents before taking them to the nearest hospital for proper care
    iii. Media houses e.g, radio station may be contacted so as to avoid the spread of the danger or to reduce the number of victims of that particular accidents.
    iv. Also, online report or text messages can be sent to the appropriate authority concerning the incident bearing the nature, location and time the incident occur.
    v. Appropriate authority concerned in managing emergencies should be ready always to respond to emergencies.