Entertainment means receiving people in the home and giving them food. A female who entertains is a hostess while a male who also entertains is host.

The person who is entertained is a guest.


  1. It is a way of building good relationship among people
  2. It makes people happy
  3. It helps people learn how to treat others, for instance, respect of people feelings
  4. It’s a way of showing or sharing love
  5. It provides for relaxation which is necessary for good health
  6. It can help people develop interests and acquire skills needed in hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants
  7. It gives the host/hostess opportunity to prepare different types of dishes (meals) and snacks
  8. It helps people learn how to serve others


  1. Preparation and sending out invitation letters or card
  2. Preparation of the house/ hall or venue
  3. Collection and arrangement of equipments and materials
  4. Preparation of refreshment or food

The amount of preparation needed depends on the type of party and number of people invited.

Characteristics of a good host or hostess

A good host or hostess must be able to;

  1. Decide on the type of the party to give and discuss with the family
  2. Plan the party thoughtfully and prepare in advance
  3. Decide on the date of the party, the number of people to invite, the kind of food to serve and the activities of the party.
  4. Shop wisely
  5. Clean and decorate the home for the party
  6. Be friendly, warm and enthusiastic
  7. At the end of the party, see the guests off to the door and thank them for attending.