Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is defined as “the contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth/atmosphere system to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected.

Environmental pollution can also be defined as the process/act of making the sorrounding dirty and harmful for its inhabitant especially man.

Pollutants can be naturally occurring or man made.

Types of environmental pollution

i. Water Pollution

ii. Land Pollution

iii. Air Pollution

iv. Noise Pollution

1. Water Pollution: This is the release of harmful substances into water bodies. Example of water polluting activities are waste and sewage dumped or passed into water bodies, oil spillage, industrial sewage from power plants e.t.c.

2. Land Pollution:This is the dumping or release of all forms of waste from homes and industries on land if not recycled.

3: Air Pollution: This i th release of toxic substances into the air in form of gas. Examples are carbon-monoxide from exhaust of companies, vehicles, generator, etc. Carbon monoxide in the air we breath is dangerous for the health of human.

4: Noise Pollution: These are heavy noise and outbursts from vehicles, generators, musical shops, and many areas on streets where music is adopted for the sales of goods, all these noises coming together pollute the air.

EffectS of environmental pollution

1. Pollution can cause malnutrition as a result of decrease in se foods due to contamination and spillage  

2. Pollution cause poor ventilation

3. Pollution can cause serious damage to the respiratory track diseases e.g Influenza, cold e.t.c.

4. Pollution provide unwanted odour

5. Pollution can cause outbreak of epidemic

6. Pollution can also cause intestinal tract diseases e.g Cholera, Thyphoid e.t.c.

Preventions OF POLLUTION

1. Government should control pollution by making law to guide the minimum use of some substances.

2. Industrial should not be sited in the residential area.

3. Dumping area should be created by the government for the people to be able to dispose their refuse

4.Recycling of used products should be encouraged

5. Music along road side should be controlled.