Factors that hinder physical growth

Every child is expected to grow normally in life. However, some of the factors that hinder their growth are:

I ) Infectious diseases transferred from mother to child e.g. HIV, this hinders the growth of child and may lead to his/her death

Ii ) Poor feeding/ nutrition: A child must eat a good and balanced diet at least three times a day to grow well. A child who does not eat enough nutritious food suffers from kwashiorkor.

Iii ) Too much labour: A child who is exposed to hard labour beyond his or her natural ability will not grow well. Work given to children must not be above their natural strength.

Iv ) Illness: illness does not allow for proper growth and development, especially in children.

V ) Poor personal and Environmental hygiene: A person that lives in a dirty environment will be exposed to infections and diseases. The result of the bad practice is frequent diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. All this hinder the normal growth of a child. Home-work: Mention four ways of promoting good health.