Food is what we eat to keep our body healthy and to sustain our living. It gives us energy for daily activities.

The types of food we eat can be described as:

  1. Cereals or grains: e.g rice, beans or cowpeas, maize, millet etc
  2. Roots or tubers: e.g yam, cassava , sweet potato, cocoyam etc.
  3. Vegetables: e.g okra, tomato, onion etc
  4. Oils & fats: e.g palm oil, vegetable oil or groundnut oil, butter etc
  5. Meat: e.g chicken, fish, beef, pork etc.
  6. Fruits: e.g orange, mango, banana, pineapple etc. CLASSES OF FOOD
    Foods are generally classified into six groups according to their usefulness in the body.
  7. Carbohydrates: e.g rice, yam, cassava, wheat, maize, millet, potato, sugar etc
  8. Protein: e.g milk, beans, fish, egg, palm oil etc
  9. Fat: e.g palm oil, groundnut oil, margarine etc
  10. Vitamins: e.g vegetables, milk, liver, egg, oranges etc
  11. Mineral Salt: Dried fish, vegetables, fruits etc
  12. Water: Watermelon, water leaf, soft drinks etc IMPORTANCE OF FOOD
  13. It gives us energy e.g Carbohydrates, fats and oils.
  14. It helps in body building e.g proteins.
  15. It helps in repairing warn out tissues in our body e.g vitamins
  16. Food helps us to grow and develop properly e.g protein
  17. It keeps the body warm e.g fats and oils.
  18. It makes us healthy


  1. Define food.
  2. Mention three examples of food under. Carbohydrates.
  3. Give two importance of food.