Hard Work

Subject: National Values
Topic: Hard work
Ways of discouraging Laziness
Laziness is the unwillingness of a person to work. A lazy person is unwilling to work both for himself and for others.
Laziness can be discouraged in the society through the following ways:
I ) Through counseling
ii) By providing challenges
iii) By complaining to those close to him or her
iv) By providing rewards
v) Through ridicule and gossip
vi) Through punishment
Ways of encouraging hard work
Hard work is the opposite of laziness: Hard work means putting a lot of effort into one’s work and doing the work well.
Through the following ways, we can encourage people to be hard working:
I) Proper remuneration
ii) Regular payment
iii) Providing enough working facilities
iv) Training and retraining
v) Regular promotion
vi) Good management
vii) Awards and recognition
Home-work: Explain any four ways a lazy man can be encouraged to work hard.