Heights and Distances

Height can be described as how an object is, when measured from the ground level point to the top level point, it could be a building, a tower, a tree or mountain height, human being etc.

Material used in measuring these is metre rule, wall metre rule, measuring tape, measuring ropes


Calculate the height of a three storey building. If the length of the blocks used is 1.8m and has 15 steps of blocks per bungalow.


A bungalow makes a storey building = 15 blocks.

                                Height of a block = 1.8 m

                                Hence, bungalow building height = 15 × 1.8m = 27m

                                :.  3 storey building’s height = 27m × 3 = 81m

Home work: What is the height of a radio station mast 105.31 m located on top of a hill 23.62m high from the ground level?

Topic: Distance

A distance is difference of a point measured from another point i.e. it tells us how far one place to another is and how far apart are they? We can find the distance between Town A and Town B located within a state or country and distance of a building, gap between two people and so on. It is usually measured in metres, kilometers.

Home work: Measure and record the distance between all the buildings in your compound.