The holding devices are temporary holding tool on a work bench while performing holding some form of work.eg planning and cutting of wood.

As a wood worker,some of the holding devices that  are been use in the workshop are;

  1. Work bench
  2. Bench hook
  3. Bench vice
  4. Bench stop
  5. Sash cramp
  6. G-clamp.

Cutting and Pairing tools; Cutting in wood work workshop is referred to as cutting of wood into a required sizes.

Tools that are used by wood workers  for cutting wood are ;

  1. Saw; A saw consist of a steel blade with series of cutting teeth on the edge.the blade is fixed to a wooden plastic handle for easy use.

Types of saw that area used by wood workers are;

a. Rip saw                                                                           

b. Cross –cut saw

c. Tenor saw

d. Dove tail saw

e. Bow saw

g. Coping saw