Housing can be defined as, different types of structures i.e shelter that people live in. There are different types that can be found either in rural or urban areas.

Mud, Bamboo and Modern houses.

Mud houses : These can be found in different parts of the country especially the rural areas.

1.They usually have shallow foundation.

2. They are not suitable for riverine areas.

3. Usually cool during the hot or sunny day and warm during the cold season.

4. They usually have thatched roofs.

Bamboo houses:

These are types of house that can be found in riverine areas, being constructed on top of stilts standing in water with thatched roof.

1. They are usually very light.

2. They are being constructed with wood.

3. There is ladder at the entrance for easy entering and exit.

Modern Houses: These are the houses being constructed with blocks or burnt bricks, the roof can either be corrugated iron sheets, lite span or asbestos. Floors can either be concrete, tiles or wooden and they usually have good doors and windows for ventilation. Examples are single family and multiple family houses.