Human trafficking2

Human trafficking

Consequences or effects of Children and women trafficking

1.         Increase in the level of illiteracy Children trafficking will reduce the number of Children going to School thereby increasing the level of illiteracy.

2.         Human rights violation: Children trafficking breaches the human rights of the child. It is a form of child above.

3.         Psychological frauma. The child being used for all sorts of menial jobs will have psychological problems. This w ill have negative effects on his ability to think right and contribute meaningfully to the development of the society.

4.         Tendency to contract HIV/AIDs: Some of the victims of human trafficking may be exposed to all sorts of sexual abuse. This can easily make them contract HIV/AIDS and STIS

5.         Retards Child Growth: A child’s physical and mental growth can be retarded due to malnutrition and lack of care from those that he serves.

6.         Dents the nation image; Human trafficking destroys the Image of the country internationally. It projects the leadership of the nation as incapable of caring for her citizens. The nation is also seen as poor and insecure.

7.         Death: Some of the Children can die in the process of being  moved from one place to another. Some die due to serious hardship they undergo where they are being used as domestic servants.

            Furthermore, those hawking goods may be knocked down by vehicles or motorcycles.

8.         Sexual Abuse and harassment some of the children particularly the female ones can be subjected to rape and other sexual molestation.


1.         Stiff  Punishment: The law should descend seriously on those caught and convicted of children/ women trafficking. This will discourage others from continuing in the act.

2.         Compulsory Education: Education should be made compulsory for all children up to a particular age. Parents of children not in school, should be prosecuted by the government. Government should also provide everything needed to make going to school attractive to the children.

3.         Appropriate legislation: The national Assembly should make more laws that prohibit children and women trafficking. This will help in curbing this social problem.

4.         Public Enlightenment: Public enlightenment programmes should be organized by the government to educate the masses about the activities of  these traffickers

5.         Tight Security at the borders: Military and parameletary personal should be at the borders to arrest children and women traffickers. The presence of the security officers will make it impassible for traffickers to continue their evil practice.

6.         Curriculum: Children  trafficking should be included in the school curriculum children at the primary and past-primary schools should learn about the consequences of children/women trafficking. This awareness will help them in resisting anyone bringing the idea of them.

7.         Improvement of the economy: Government should initiate and implement good policies that will improve the economy. If the economy improves, joblessness and forestry will be reduced to the bearest level. Parents will have enough to care for their children and send them to school.

8.         Proper upbringing of children: Parents should inculcate good values in their children. This prevents gneeduness and lack of contentment which can make them full prey to traffickers.