ICT GADGETS (Continuation)


The telephone or phone is a telecommunication device which is used to transmit and receive sound ( most commonly voice and speech) across a distance.

Most telephones operate through transmission of electric signals over a complex telephone network which allows almost any phone user to communicate with almost any other in the world.

The telephone equipment converts sound to electrical signals and vice versa. This allows users to speak and hear each other.

Most telephones consist of two parts. They are:  i.  Handset             ii. Base

The Handset: is a handle containing the transmitter and receiver.

The Base: contains a dial to initiate a call and bell or other signaling device to notify the user of a telephone call from another user.



The computer is an electronic device, which can accept data and process the data to produce a meaningful result called information.

The computer accepts data through the input unit, processes data using the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and produces the information through the output unit.

Today, the computer is the most important ICT gadget because is its wide application. That is, it can be used in different areas of human activities.

The computer can accept and process different types of data such as:

  1. Text
  2. Speech ( vocal or sound )
  3. Picture ( or still picture )
  4. Video ( motion picture )

The Internet has made it possible to connect computers all over the world through the largest network ever known The Internet and the World Wide Web (www) have made it possible to transmit information from one computer to another at the same time.

The network of computers can be achieved by using cables, microwave and satellite.

NOTE: it should be noted that message from the GSM, fax machine and the telephone can be received via the computer. The computer can also communicate with these other ICT gadgets.