Idiomatic expressions

Idiomatic expressions and their meanings:        

The students were advised to make hay while the sun shines.(this means to take advantage of favourable conditions)

Dele was said to have ‘an itching palm’.(meaning he was corrupt).

 The general advised his troops ‘not to show white feathers’.(meaning not to be cowardly)

It became apparent that Kofi had ‘an axe to grind’in the matter.(meaning he had a vested interest).

Dairo is noted for ‘calling a spade a spade’.(meaning speaking the truth and without mincing   words)

Emeka ‘had a field day’ at the dancing competition.(meaning he triumphed in all aspects of the competition)

Akpan does ‘not let the grass grow under his feet'(meaning he doesn’t waste time in doing things).

Femi’s plans  amount to ‘building castles in the air’.(meaning,his plans are unrealizable)

Assignment :Give the meaning of the following idioms in quote:

(1) What you have heard so far about him is merely the ‘tip of the iceberg’

(2) Kola is ‘the architect of his own fortune’

(3) When it came to  Mathematics, he was ‘completely at sea’.

(4) The two sides decided ‘to bury the hatchet 

‘(5) John tried ‘to throw dust in my eyes’.

(6) Mary ‘stole the show’ at  the party.