Today, all institutions and organizations have the impact of ICT on their daily activities. ICT now has far reaching effect on organizations and institutions such as Educational, Health, Commercial, Industrial and Transportation as seen thus:

a) Education – e-Education has now been facilitating search for educational materials, exchange of knowledge, project researches as well as teaching, learning and examinations via the internet and as CBT

b) Communication – Great ease is seen with the use of email, voice mail, video/tele-conferencing, news reporting via satellite, chatting, and text messages (SMS, MMS, etc) via the GSM among numerous others.

c) Manufacturing – Automated textile industries, robotic vehicle manufacturing system and several other automated production system.

d) Commerce – e-Commerce has now taken over buying and selling, that is, buying and/or selling via the internet, e.g. Jumia, meeting of clients and producer/sellers has also been made so easy and fast.

e) Banking – Online/e-Banking is now the order of the day. This is simply, doing all banking transactions on the internet with the computer or handset (GSM), USSD, ATM and Smart ID Cards.

f) Stock Control – Automated record and replacement order as easily monitored with computerized control system.

g) Library – The use of ICT has moved majority onto e-Libraries, where books are easily logged in and logged out, e.g., and the use of “Bar codes” to identify books, etc.

h) Office Automation – The use of computer and other equipments such as fax machine, scanner, internet, email, projector, has greatly reduced stress and paper work.

i) Exploration – Space and Inland exploration which involves mining of all sorts are now so easily done with unmanned computer control machine.

j) Weather/Climatic Forecast – We can easily read/guess of future climatic conditions with the use of Super Computers.

ASSIGNMENT: Give the full form of the following acronyms:

(a) ATM                (b) USSD (c) POS (d) CBT (e) SMS (f) MMS (g) GSM