Introduction to keyboarding

A keyboard is the set of typewriter like keys that enables you to enter data into the computer.
Computer keyboards are similar to electric typewriter keyboards but contain additional keys. The keys on computer keyboards are classified as follows:
Alphanumeric keys: Letters and numbers.
Punctuation keys: comma, period, semicolon and so on.
Special keys: functions keys, control keys, arrows keys, caps lock key etc.
The ability to be able to type is about the same as being to work at a keyboard. As a
Computers become more and more involved in our everyday lives. Typing speeds up the process of producing information and getting that information out either on printed paper or by way of the Internet.
Knowing how to keyboarding, is very useful to everybody: teacher, lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, scientists, housewives, journalists, editors and business people. etc.
Keyboarding is very important for both personal and professional uses.
Knowing how to keyboarding yourself increases the confidentiality of your documents.
Keyboard skill help us to be able to communicate with others, both socially and professionally.
Keyboarding enables one to be very good at the computer.
Keyboarding enables documents to be conveniently kept in files for storage.
Keyboarding makes it easier and faster to produce documents.

Good sitting posture while typing means your shoulders are relaxed, your feet are flat on the floor and you can sit up straight to do your work.
Sit up straight
Keep feet on the floor.
Body is centered in front of the keyboard
Keep elbows naturally by the side
Finger should be curved.