Meaning of leader and leadership
A leader is a person who shows the way and guides another person or group of persons to attain a goal. Their goal is usually the attainment of their common good.
Leadership means the office or position of a leader. It can also mean the quality of a leader, the ability to lead, or the act of leading.
Types of Leadership
There are three main types of leadership as follows:
Traditional leadership: This kind of leadership is based on a people’s custom. This means leadership which is part of the way a society has been organised for years. An example is our traditional rulers; that is, the Emir, Obi, Kabiesi e.t.c., found all over the country. The chiefs are also leaders who hold their position through traditional means.
Leadership based on personal qualities: This kind of leadership by which people claim or are believed to possess as rare qualities may refer to the possession of some divine appeal and approval. People respect and honour leaders who possess this personal qualities as they are believed to have some outstanding personality, appeal, attraction, or charisma. Honorable Nnamdi Azikwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo are examples of charismatic leaders.
Leadership based on Legality: This is the type of leadership which derives from law and the constitution. It comes from the position a person holds as set out in the Constitution of a society. Examples of these positions of leadership in Nigeria are those of President and state governors.
Functions of a leader
A leader must defend his or her Society. He or she must be patriotic and promote the interest of his or her Society and its members.
A leader must be able to unite the society.
A leader must be able to organise members of his or her Society to achieve their goals.
A leader must not allow individuals to act in ways that prevent the achievement of goals.
A leader has to educate members of his or her Society in what they need to know.
A leader must obey the laws of society and must not regard himself or herself as someone Above the Law.
A leader must teach, enlighten and encourage people to behave well.
A leader must not use or misuse his or her followers to gain personal interest.
A leader must not force followers to accept his or her decisions and directions.
A group leader must be a role model.
Identify ten(10) qualities of a leader