Making of a tray cloth

Subject: Pre-vocational Studies
Topic: Making of Tray cloth
Making of a Tray Cloth
The shape and size of a tray cover will depend on the size of the tray.
Materials needed:
I) 60cm by 40cm plain cotton
ii) Matching tread
iii) Decorative thread
iv) Needle
v) A pair of scissor
vi) Tape measure
vii) Pins
Preparation of a tray cloth
i) measure and cut the materials according to the shape and size of the tray. Give extra allowance of 3cm around the edges for folding
ii) Make any design on the cover
iii) Make the first turning 1cm on the length side and hem 2cm. Pin and tack.
iv) Hem with a matching thread and remove the tacking
v) Make and design with suitable decorative stitches
Home-Work: Draw a tray cloth