Making some relevant clothing articles: Making Apron

Subject: Prevocational Studies
Topic: Making some relevant clothing articles: Making Apron
Cloth making is an art that involves some skills. Clothes can be made using fabrics (cloth).
Making an Apron
Apron is a large piece of cloth you can put on top of other clothes, to keep them clean while working.
Materials needed:
Brown paper, cotton fabric, scissors, tape measure, needles and thread, pins.
Preparation of patterns
i) Using the brown paper, make a pattern of an apron, belts and neck band.
ii) Fold the fabric into two with the right sides together.
iii) Place pattern pieces on the fabric
iv) Pin the pieces and cut out.
Making up
Turn in 15mm along the underarms and the sides.
Pin tacks and press hems.
Hand stitch the hems, using hemming stitches.
Turn, pin and tack 32cm at the top end bottom of the apron and then hem.
Preparation of neck band and belts
Fold each length with right sides facing and edges even.
Tack and use running stitches along seam lines, leaving one short edge open, use the back stitches
Turn one piece to the right side and press
Home-work: Why do we need brown paper for cutting out an apron?

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