Management Requirements/Practices in Animal Husbandry 2


Breeds of cattle; (humped and not resistant to trypanosomiaisis.)

  1. White Fulani
  2. Sokoto Gudali
  3. Red Bororo

(humpless and resistant to trypanosomiasis).

  • N’dama
  • Muturu
  • Kuri.

Humped cattle are found in the northern part of the country while the humpless are founf in the southern parts of the country.

The foreign breeds of cattle include;

  • Friesian
  • Jersey
  • Hereford.

Terminologies Used in cattle Husbandry

Bull- An adult male cattle.

Cow- An adult female cattle.

Calf- A young / baby cattle.

Heifer- A young female cattle that has not reached breeding stage or given birth at least once.

Bull calf- A young male cattle.

Ox- A castrated adult male cattle.

Serving- The process of mating in cattle.

Calving- The act of parturition in cattle.

Beef- The meat of an adult cattle.

Veal- The meat of a young cattle.

Dairy cattle- Cattle kept solely for the production of milk.

Beef cattle- Cattle kept solely for the production of meat.

Herd- A group of cattle.

Polled Cattle- A cattle without horn.

Humped Cattle- A cattle with hump.

Humpless Cattle- A cattle without horn.

Pen/shed/ barn- House of cattle.

                SHEEP HUSBANDRY

Breeds of sheep;

  1. West African Dwarf Sheep.
  2. Ouda
  3. Yankassa
  4. Balami
  5. Somali
  6. Romney marsh.
  7. Dorper
  8. Black headed persian
  9. Marino
  10. Balauch

         Terminologies Used In Sheep Husbandry

Ram- An adult male sheep.

Ewe- An adult female sheep.

Lamb- Ayoung/ baby sheep.

Lambing- Parturition in sheep.

Mutton- Meat of an adult sheep.

Tupping – The process of mating in sheep.

Flock- A group pf sheep.

Suckling- A female sheep with offspring.

Duckling- The processing of removing the tail of a sheep.

Wether- A castrated male sheep.

              GOAT HUSBANDRY

Breeds of goat;

  1. West African Dwarf goat.
  2. Sokoto Red.
  3. Kano Brown
  4. Borno Red.
  5. Boer.
  6. Nubian.
  7. Jamnapari.

           Terminologies Used In Goat Husbandry

Billy/buck- An adult male goat

Nanny/Doe- An adult female goat

Kid- A young / baby goat.

Kidding- the act of parturition in goats.

Chevon- the meat of an adult goat.

Wether– A castrated male goat.

              PIG HUSBANDRY

Breeds of pig;

  1. West African Dwarf Pig
  2. Large white
  3. Large black
  4. Hamshire
  5. Duroc jersey
  6. American landrace
  7. Tamworth
  8. Chester white
  9. Beckshire.

       Terminologies Used In Pig Husbandry

Boar- An adult male pig

Sow- An adult female pig

Gilt- A young female pig that is about to reproduce or or has reproduced only once.

Piglet- A young/baby pig

Litter-A set of young pigs

Weaners- Young pigs that have just been separated from their mother

Fattners- Old pigs reared for the market size

Barrow/Hoy- A castrated male pig

Farrowing- The act of parturition in pig

In- sow- A pregnant sow

Dry sow- A sow that is not pregnant or has stopped lactating.

Pork- The meat of adult pig

Bacon- a salted pig meat.

Lard- The fat of pig or pig meat with fat.

               RABBIT HUSBANDRY

Breeds of rabbit;

  1. California white
  2. California red
  3. New zealand white
  4. Flemish giant
  5. Chinchilla
  6. New zealand red
  7. Angora

            Terminologies Used In Rabbit Husbandry

Buck-An adult male rabbit

Doe- An adult female rabbit

Kitten/warren- Young/baby rabbit

Hutch- House of rabbit

Pett- Skin of a rabbit

Litter- All the young ones produced at the same time by one doe.

Kindling- The act of parturition in rabbit.


Breeds of domestic fowl;

  1. Rhode Island Red
  2. White leghorn
  3. Brown leghorn
  4. Plymouth rock
  5. Sussex
  6. Cornish
  7. Cochin

Terminologies Used In Poultry Husbandry (Domestic Fowl)

Cock- An adult male fowl( above one year of age)

Hen- An adult female fowl( above one year of age)

Cockerel- A young male fowl ( below one year of age)

Pullet- A young female fowl ( below one year of age)

Chick- A baby fowl

Layers- Birds raised mainly for egg production

Broilers- Birds raised mainly for meat production

Treading- The act of mating in poultry animals.

Capon- A castrated male fowl

Caponisation- The process of castrating a fowl.

Flock- A group of young chicks

Chicken- Meat of an adult fowl.

Candling- The process of checking eggs in a dark room bu passing concentrated concentrated light through an egg to know if the egg is fertile or not, and also to know if the embryo is still living or dead.

Incubation- The process of providing fertilized eggs with optimum conditions necessary for the development of the embryo and its successful hatching either naturally or artificially.

Brooding- Process by which newly hatched chicks are provided with heat until they develop enough feathers to keep themselves warm.

Revision Questions

  1. List five breeds of the following animals.
  2. Cattle
  3. Goat
  4. Sheep
  5. Pig
  6. Domestic fowl
  7. Rabbit
  8. Explain the following terms in animal husbandry;
  9. Incubation
  10. Kindling
  11. Farrowing
  12. Mutton
  13. Chevon
  14. Dairy cattle
  15. Brooding
  16. Weaners
  17. Candling
  18. Kidding.