Meaning and Types of Maintenance

Maintenance is the way we take proper care of our things in order to serve us longer. It is the process of keeping our things in good condition.

Types of maintenance

Maintenance can be divided into two, namely

1 – Preventive and

2 – Corrective maintenance

1) Preventive maintenance is the activity we perform in order to prevent damage to our properties. Routine maintenance is an example of preventive maintenance

Examples of preventive maintenance are dusting and cleaning of our properties

2) Corrective maintenance is carried out to restore what has been damaged.

Examples are:

  1. Repair of cars/bicycles or tables
  2. Replacement of damaged parts of a equipment

Importance of maintenance

  1. For our properties to last long, we need proper and constant maintenance
  2. We maintain our properties for efficient performance.

Home work: Give three example of each type of maintenance.