Energy is the ability to do work. It is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. In our daily activities energy is required for various things we do like moving our cars, cooking, powering our plants or generators etc. Sources of energy in Nigeria include:

  1. wood
  2. Cottonseed
  3. Groundnut cake
  4. Rivers for hydro-electric power e.g.Kanji, Shiroro and Jebba dams.
  5. Coal and natural gas for thermal powers e.g. Oji River.
  6. Gas is used to generate electricity e.g. Afam gas plant near Port-Harcourt
  7. Fuel from Petroleum (petrol, kerosene, gas) is used for moving our vehicles, operating our machines and for cooking
  8. Solar energy is the energy gotten from the sun.
  9. Mineral resources enhance foreign exchange supply, with oil contributing over 90% of the Nation’s foreign exchange earnings
  10. They provide for Industries and industrialization
  11. They boost production of goods in some mineral related Industries like NNPC refineries in Warri and Kaduna
  12. They provide employment opportunities for both the skilled and unskilled working force of the Nigerian population.
  13. Mining and exploitation of mineral resources is one of the main occupations in Nigeria.
  14. The availability of mineral resources in certain areas promote the development of social infrastructure.
  15. Some mineral resources such as oil, gas and coal also boost the country’s potentials in energy supply.
    State five reasons why Nigeria economy should be diversified.