Respect means to show regard or admiration for something or someone. Respect is a positive feeling of esteem for a person or other entity. Respect is a courteous expression by word or deed of esteem or regard.

As children, we are taught to respect our parents, teachers, elders, school rules and regulations, traffic rules, custom and traditions, other people’s feelings and right, our country’s symbols and leaders.


There are three types of respect. These are:

  1.  SELF RESPECT: Self-respect simply means having pride and confidence in one’s self. It has to do with how you respect yourself. It is at times called self-worth, self- regard or simple pride.
  2. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: This means showing respect for others. If I have a good self -respect, then I must respect others as well.If I fail to respect others, I do not expect them to respect me.
  3. RESPECT FROM OTHERS: When we respect ourselves, others will respect us. If we allow people to disrespect us, we are not acting with self-respect.


  1. PEACE AND ORDERLINESS: When there is respect in the society, peace and orderliness reign. People will not attempt to use abusive words on each other. Bad situations can be easily handled.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Respect is an acknowledgement we extend to a person irrespective of his status, belief, origin and condition in life.
  3. FEEL GOOD: If a person is respected, it makes him feel good and in return, he or she respects you.
  4. UNIVERSAL: Respect is a universal virtue. It is done everywhere by people irrespective of where they come from or language they speak.