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Traffic regulations also known as highway code may be defined as those body of laws, rules and regulations put in place by the government of a country to guide the safe, orderly and free flow of traffic.
In other words, traffic regulations are the guiding road traffic rules and regulations for a good road safety culture in Nigeria. Road users include pedestrians, motor cyclists, and drivers of all kinds of vehicles.
Some Traffic Regulations in Nigeria

  1. Obey traffic officials
  2. Warning against wrong parking and wrong overtaking
  3. Stay in proper lane, drive entirely within one single lane.
  4. Prohibition against drinking and driving.
  5. No driving by minors
  6. The use of seat belt
  7. Driving within speed limits
  8. Possession of Driver’s license
  9. Giving way to vehicles on essential duty.
  10. Reasonable use of Horns.
    Traffic Control Devices
    Traffic control devices refer to those materials used to control the timely and free movement of vehicles and ensure the safety use of roads by everyone. They include:
  11. Traffic lights are signalling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossing and other locations to control competing blows of traffic.It displays lights of a standard colour (red, yellow/amber, and lights. The green light allows traffic to proceed in the direction devoted, the yellow or amber light means that an on-coming vehicle should prepare to stop short of the intersection while the red light signal prohibits vehicles from proceeding or are required to stop.
  12. Traffic signals/ Road signals gives a driver various types of information or warnings depending on the shape, colour and placement of the sign.
    Road traffic signs and their meanings
  13. An octagon (eight-sides) sign is used only for the stop sign.
  14. A triangular shaped (three-sides) sign means you must yield right of way to traffic on the high way you are about to enter or cross.
  15. A diamond-shaped sign always carries a warning of some hazard or unusual condition to be found on the road ahead.
  16. A rectangular-shaped sign informs you of certain laws and regulations for the purpose of safety and convenience, such as speed limits.
  17. A round-shaped sign gives notice there is a railroad highway crossing just ahead.
  18. A cross buck sign is used only to mark highways railroad crossing.
    Roles of individuals and government in maintaining traffic regulations
  19. The road users should endeavour to obey the traffic control agencies.
  20. Individuals must obey the rules guiding the free flow of traffic.
  21. Ensure that your vehicles are always in good condition and always in proper shape.
  22. Road signs and electronic traffic signs should be installed.
  23. Road signs should be bold for easy identification.
  24. Government and NGOs should embark on thorough enlightenment and education of proper use of the road.
  25. Public lectures, seminars or workshop should be organized.
  26. Established laws meant to regulate traffic and punish traffic law offenders should neither be selective onor bias
    Draw ten (10) traffic signs and their meaning.