ORDERLINESS is being neat and living with a sense of harmony. It is a situation where laws are obeyed and authority is respected. It is the art by which things are arranged in a proper, neat and systematic manner.

Orderliness also means doing something step by step. It involves the way we organize ourselves and comply to what we are asked to do. It can best be described as the absence of confusion in the society.


  1. CREATION OF THE WORLD: The world was created by God. The creation was done in order or sequence. One level of creation was done after another. The last he created was man.
  2. DRIVING SKILLS: For a person to drive a vehicle very well, the learning skills must be learnt in the right order.
  3. DECORUM: This is the act of behaving well. It is the right behavior expected in a particular situation. This right behavior should be exhibited always. For example, perfect silence is expected from students while the principal is giving them instruction on the assembly ground.
  4. CHILD EDUCATION: The education of a child is from one level to another. One level must be finished before he gets into another. A child cannot leave one level and jump into another level. When this happens, the learning will not be thorough.
  5. QUEUEING CULTURE: Queue is a line of people waiting for their turn or waiting bto be attended to. A queue is always arranged in an orderly manner. The one in front is attended to before the one behind it.
  6. OBEYING TRAFFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS: It is important for us to obey traffic rules and regulations while driving.


  1. PEACE: If everyone keeps to orderliness in our daily activities, it will help promote peace.
  2. NEATNESS: Orderliness makes a work or an activity to be clean and in perfect order.
  3. ROLE MODEL: Orderliness helps us to be role models for others. When we are orderly, we will serve as good examples to other people.
  4. CAREFULNESS: Orderliness helps us to be careful and rational while taking or making our decision.
  5. DEVELOPMENT: It gives room for development. Orderliness promotes progress and uplifts the nation or society that allows it to operate.
  6. RESPONSIBILITY: It makes us to be responsible members of the society.
  7. PATIENCE: Orderliness teaches us especially the youths to be patient and not to rush into taking action or decision.
  8. RULE OF LAW: Orderliness leads to rule of law in the society as it makes people to obey the law of the land