Page setup

WEEK – 8

Page setup is a group of options dictating the way a document is formatted before printing. These include paper size, orientation and margins. Page setup enables us to determine how a print page will appear. To access the page setup dialogue box in Microsoft word, follow these steps:
Click on File, Print and on Page setup.
Click on Margin in the dialogue box to set the right, left, top and bottom margins and the orientation either portrait or landscape.
Click on ‘Paper’ in the box to select the type of paper you want.

A memorandum is a written communication between members of the same organisation. It is a short written report prepared specially for a person or group of people that contains information about a particular matter.
There is no standard form of layout for a memorandum because it varies from organisation to organisation.
The main difference between a letter and a memorandum is that a memo has no inside address, salutation or complimentary close, and it is not always signed or even initiated by the sender.
Special Features in Memo
Memorandum does not have salutation or complimentary close
The signature block is optional, depending on the style, although it has become an accepted practice in this country to sign memo for the purpose of authentication.
Block and indented paragraph may be adopted.
Some memos have a subject heading which gives the reader information about the contents of the memo. The heading is typed two single spaces below the last line of the printed heading.
The body of the memo is always typed in single line spacing. It is typed two single line spaces just below the subject.
Example of a printed Memo
From: __________ To: ___________
Ref: __________ Date: ___________
Subject: _________

From: The Managing Director To: Personnel Manager & Staff
Ref: MCV/R14/Vol. VII/124 Date: 11 June, 2019
Subject: Change in meeting date
The date for our June meeting of the junior staff club has changed to Monday, July 20 to accommodate our guest speaker Mr. Olugbade Adisa from the national office.

Kunbi Harvey
Vice President

Home exercise
Type this memorandum on a plain A5 paper
Prepare a memo form from the manager to chief security officer. The Ref No is “Vehicle Inspection”
It has come to the notice of the management that some senior officers of this organisation do not ensure that their vehicles are thoroughly checked at the gate. Please give a Confidential Report on any officer/manager that refuse to