Painting is a 2 -dimensional art, so it is done on a  flat surface with the use of brush and colors. Painting is simply the application of color to a drawn object.  Materials used in painting includes ; colors, pastels, brushes of different sizes ,water or oil, easel, pallete, colored pencils etc


1 ) Painting from sketch; This method is good for beginner because he has to add colors to a preliminary drawing

2) Wash; This method starts with brushing watery colors all over the surface in varied light colors. The painting is later developed by adding darker tones of colors progresevely.

3)  impasto; This is the application of thick layers of colors, it is mostly used when painting with oil paints.


  1. Still life painting; This is the painting of inanimate objects like shoes, buckets, chairs, bags, cups  etc.
  2. Nature painting; This is a painting of natural objects such as plants, stones, animals, birds, fruits etc.
  3. Figure/life painting ; This is the painting of human being either in whole or in part.
  4. Landscape/seascape; This is a painting  that  involves  the trees, sky, ocean, houses and lands. Its  always an outdoor exercise, which requires the artist to move his tools and materials to the site of painting.
  5. Imaginative painting; These are paintings done from memory which could be abstract or real e.g  painting of a market scene, village scene or a festival.
  6. Mural painting; This is a painting done on a wall. Mural painting could be done realistically, in abstract and it could be any form of scene.