1).The Element of an electric heater is made of____
a) Nichrome
b) Copper
c) Aluminum
d) None of these
2).When water is heated from 0o Celsius to 100o Celsius, the volume of water
a) Increase gradually
b) Decrease gradually
c) First increase, then decrease
d) First decrease , then increase
3).One Mega Watt Hour (MWH) is equal to
a) 3.6 × 10³Joule
b) 3.6 × 104Joule
c) 3.6 × 107 Joule
d) 3.6 × 109 Joule
4).At what temperature are the temperature on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal?
a) 273o Celsius
b) – 273o Celsius
c) – 40o Celsius
d) 40o Celsius
5).The Period of revolution round the sun is maximum by which among the following
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Mars
6).Galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by using
a) Low resistance in series
b) High resistance in series
c) Low resistance in parallel
d) High resistance in parallel
7).Gas law was given by
a) Boyle
b) Ostwald
c) Arrhenius
d) Faraday
8).Kilowatt – hour is a unit of
a) Energy
b) Power
c) Electric charge
d) Current
9).The ozone layer protects us from
a) Ultra violet rays
b) Radio waves
c) Visual radiation
d) Infrared radiation
10).What will be the temperature of the maximum if 100 gm ice at 0oC is put in 100 gm
water at 80oC? (Latent heat of ice = 80 cal / gm)
a) 35oC
b) 45oC
c) 60oC
d) 0oC
11).Which among the following is the best conductor of electricity?
a) Silver
b) Copper
c) Gold
d) Lead
12).Which among the following order of decreasing wavelengths of electromagnetic
waves is correct?
I. Radio waves II. Infrared rays III. Visible Light IV. X-Rays
a) II, I, IV, III
b) I, III, II, IV
c) I, II, III, IV
d) IV, III, II, I
13).Ampere-hour is the unit of which among the following?
a) Power
b) Energy
c) Intensity of current
d) Amount of charge
14).Who discovered X-Rays?
a) Madam Curie
b) Einstein
c) Roentgen
d) J. J. Thomson
15).Which among the following are primary colors?
a) Red, Green, Blue
b) Blue, Yellow, Green
c) Red, Magenta, Yellow
d) Yellow, Violet, Blue
16)At what temperature will the density of water be maximum?
a) 0o C
b) 32o C
c) – 4o C
d) 4o C
17).Persistence of vision is the principle behind?
a) Camera
b) spectroscope
c) Cinema
d) Periscope
18).Which metal is commonly used for making an electromagnet?
a) Copper
b) Iron
c) Nickel
d) Cobalt
19).Light from the laser is________.
a) Monochromatic
b) Composite
c) Dispersed light
d) Incoherent
20).Choke is used to_______.
a) Reduce the current in AC circuit
b) Reduce the current in DC circuit
c) Convert AC to DC
d) Convert DC to AC
21).In a standing wave the distance between a node and adjacent antinode is______.
a) 3λ / 2
b) λ / 2
c) λ / 4
d) 3λ / 4
22).A telescope and microscope differ in that______.
a) Both are different instruments
b) Telescope’s eyepiece with longer focal lengths that the objective
c) Telescope has objective of large focal length and eyepiece of smaller
focal lengths
d) None of these
23).The weight of a body is______.
a) The same everywhere on the surface of the earth
b) Maximum at the poles
c) Maximum at the equator
d) More on the hills than in the plains
24).At what temperature a body will not radiate any heat energy?
a) 0o C
b) 273o C
c) 100o C
d) -273o C
25).Electromagnetic spectrum consists of the following radiations

  1. X-rays
    II. Gamma rays
    III. Ultraviolet radiations
    IV. Infrared radiations
    Choose the correct order of code in the increasing order of their frequency:
    a) I, III, II, IV
    b) II, I, III,IV
    c) IV, III, I, II
    d) IV, II, III, I
    26).Only one part of moon can be seen from earth because____.
    a) Only one part reflects light
    b) It does not rotate
    c) The period of rotation and revolution are equal
    d) None of these
    27).In which among the following is alternating current not used?
    a) Refrigeration
    b) Heat production
    c) Electroplating
    d) Radio detection
    28).Blisters are formed more rapidly by the steam of boiling water in comparision to
    boiling water itself because ________.
    a) Temperature of the stream is higher
    b) Stream enters the body pores rapidly
    c) Stream is a gas and rapidly covers the body
    d) Stream has latent heat
    29).An ice cube is floating on the surface of water: How will the water level be affected
    by melting of this ice cube?
    a) Water level will be raised
    b) Water level will go down
    c) Water level will remain the same
    d) Water level will first rise up then it will go down
    30).What will be the effect on gravitational acceleration if the earth suddenly stops its
    a) It will reduce at the poles
    b) It will increase at the poles
    c) It will decrease at the equator
    d) It will increase at the equator
    31).Ohmic conductor among the following is _____.
    a) Transistor
    b) Thermal value
    c) Electrolyte
    d) Constantum
    32).One Kilo Calorie heat will be equal to_____.
    a) 4.2 Joule
    b) 4.2 x 102 Joule
    c) 4.2 x 103 Joule
    d) 4.2 x 104 Joule
    33).Ball pen works on the principle of ______.
    a) Viscosity
    b) Boyle’s Law
    c) Gravitational force
    d) Capillarity and surface tension
    34).The apparatus used in submarines to give clear view of the objects on the surface
    of the ocean or ground is known as________.
    a) Periscope
    b) sextant
    c) stereoscope
    d) telescope
    35).Growth of the baby in the uterus is found using______.
    a) X-rays
    b) Gamma rays
    c) Ultra sound
    d) Ultra Violet rays
    36).The form of matter are________.
    a) 3
    b) 4
    c) 5
    d) 7
    37).The centre of the Newton’s rings pattern is dark since_______.
    a) The light undergoes a phase change π
    b) The glass plate plano-convex lens
    c) The light undergoes a phase change 2 π
    d) The light undergoes a phase change π/2
    38).If a red-green flag is seen in green light it appears to be of which of the following
    a) Green
    b) Black
    c) Black – Green
    d) Red – Black
    39).A moving electric charge produces__________.
    a) Only electric field
    b) Only Magnetic field
    c) Both electric and magnetic field
    d) Either electric or a magnetic field
    40).Which among the following order of decreasing wavelengths of electromagnetic
    waves are correct?
    I. Radio waves
    II. Infrared rays
    III. Visible light
    IV. X-rays
    Choose the answer from the following code:
    a) II, I, IV, III
    b) I, III, II, IV
    c) I, II, III, IV
    d) IV, III, II, I
    41).Lightning conductors are made up of _________.
    a) Iron
    b) Aluminium
    c) Copper
    d) Steel
    42).The I.C Chip used in a computer is made up of_______.
    a) Silicon
    b) Chromium
    c) Gold
    d) Lead
    43).Which planet is nearest to the earth?
    a) Mercury
    b) Jupiter
    c) Venus
    d) Mars
    44).Which among the following quantities is scalar?
    a) Velocity
    b) Acceleration
    c) Work
    d) Force
    45).Nichrome wire is used in an electric heater because__________.
    a) It has high resistance
    b) It has high melting point
    c) It can resist a current upto approx 5 amperes
    d) For all of the above reasons

46). A p-n junction diode is used as

a) A rectifier in a d.c. circuit

b) An amplifier in a d.c circuit

c) An amplifier in an a.c circuit

d) A rectifier in an a.c circuit

47). The battery connection that permits current to flow across a p-n junction is called

a) Reversed biased

b) Forward biased

c) Amplification

d) Rectification

48). In a reversed biased junction diode, current flows in by

a) Electrons alone

b) Majority carriers

c) Minority carriers

d) Positive holes alone

49). Pure silicon can be converted to a p-type material by adding a controlled amount of

a) Trivalent atoms

b) Tetravalent atoms

c) Pentavalent atoms

d) Hexavalent atoms

50). The device that converts solar energy directly to electricity is a

a) Flat plate collector

b) Parabolic trough

c) Solar panel

d) Photovoltaic cell