4. Fundamental human rights: The individual in the state are allowed to enjoy their freedom without any interference or molestation from anybody or government.

5. The rule of law: The rule of law is very essential in the sustenance of democracy. It preaches against all forms of government action that can hinder the practice of democratic principles. Firstly, the rule of law ensures supremacy of law in democratic settings.Secondly, it forbids arbitrary and arrest violation of human rights. Thirdly, it encourages independence of judiciary. Fourthly, rule of law resists and inhibits the growth of corruption in the society. Lastly, it allows for checks and balances among the three arms of government. This helps in preventing any form of autocratic or dictatorial tendencies.

6. Accountability and Transparency: Democracy will cease to exist where these two are absent. They function as a protector of a common man in the society. Leaders should be made accountable for their actions while in office. They should not hide under government to impose their ideology on the citizens.

    Also, individuals must not hide under government to Lord their personal policy or law on the people that elected them.While these two guardian angels are compromised,it is an alarm that good governance is at risk and democracy has stalled.

7. Majority rule and minority rights: The government is under majority rule. The candidate with the majority vote becomes elected and represents the interest of the people.

     Furthermore, the minority rights should be respected. They should be recognized, heard and protected. The minority should not be marginalized but be well taken care of. Their views,ideas and opinions should be considered and their grievance should be addressed and their needs should be met.

8. Free press: A free press is the one that is allowed by the government to perform it’s functions without any form of intimidation.A free press is allowed to constructively criticize government policies,publish true stories that review corrupt government officials and all ills of the society for the purpose of fostering good governance. Free press is very essential to democracy because: (I) it provides information.

(ii). It safeguards citizen against human rights abuse.

(III).It enlightens the public on government policies.