Political apathy is a situation in which citizens are not interested in the political activities of the state. The causes or reasons for political apathy are:
1) UNFULFILLED POLITICAL PROMISES: Politicians and office seekers make empty promises to the people. As a result, the citizens feel it is a waste of time to participate in politics.
2) BAD GOVERNANCE: Rulers do so badly in office.
3) RIGGING OF ELECTIONS: Election figures are rigged and manipulated by the politicians, electoral officers and security personnel.
4) POVERTY: Economic poverty can cause political apathy.
5) ILLITERACY: Many people can neither read nor write. They find it difficult to analyse and understand political issue.
6) RELIGIOUS BELIEF: Some religious bodies discourage their members from taking part in politics.
7) INADEQUATE SECURITY: Due to kidnapping, hooliganism, thuggery and other social vices, most people keep away from voting and other civic duties.
8) VOTES DO NOT COUNT: Many voters have the feelings that their votes are not needed in picking rulers or leaders.
1) It may lead to the choice of bad candidates.
2) People will lose benefits of political participation.
3) It will perpetuate bad policies.
4) It can lead to the institution of minority government.
5) It drives away both human and material development.
1) Citizens must participate in elections.
2) Government officials must be made to fulfill electoral promises to citizens.
3) Money politics must be avoided.
4) Equal opportunity must be given to all citizens.
5) Citizens must be given civic knowledge.
6) People should know their rights and learn how to defend them.