Reason for cooking foods

1 – To make them digestible, that is to make them digest easily

2 – To improve the taste and flavor of the foods

3 – To make them soft, tender and easy to eat

4 – To make the food nice and attractive to people

Methods of cooking food

1 – Boiling

     Boiling means cooking food in hot water. The water and the food will be put in a pot and placed on fire. The heat from the fire makes the water boil and cook the food. When the food become tender (soft) it is cooked.

Food that can be cooked by boiling include yam, cocoyam, corn, beans, meat, etc.

2 – Steaming is a method of cooking with steam (i.e. the hot gas that is produced when water boils). The food will be wrapped in leaves or foil or put in containers and placed above boiling water in a pot, so that  the water does not touch the food. Steaming can be done using a steamer (i.e. a perforated pot inside a bigger pot).

Foods that can cooked by steaming are steamed bean pudding (moin-moin), steamed egg, custard, sponge pudding, etc.

Home-work- Explain steaming method of cooking