A school is a place where teaching and learning takes place.

Apart from the home and the church, the best place where good human relationship is formed and developed is at school. There, children are taught to make friends, love, tolerate and help one another, as well as obey and respect the school authorities from the school principal down to the cleaner in the school.

It is not enough to give children a good education at school. They should also be guided to develop interest, love, respect and friendship with members of staff of their school and endeavour to know their names. They should be able to talk about their teachers and realize that they have many things in common with them.

The following are names of the members of the school:

  1. The Principal: At the helm of affairs (top) is the principal who directs and control other members. He/She has secretary, account-clerk/bursar, messenger, etc. who are assigned to perform specific duties.
  2. The Vice Principal: He/She assist the principal.
  3. The Head of Department: The HOD’s are senior teachers appointed to co-ordinate the activities of different department’s e.g.  Science, social science, arts etc.
  4. Teachers: There are class teachers and subject’s teachers. Class teachers closely monitor the attendance, punctuality and behaviour of students in a class. Subject teacher are assigned to teach various subjects in the school.
  5. Prefects and Class captains: They are students’ representatives who maintain law and order in the school.
  6. Students: All learners in the school.


  1. Make list of teachers in the school.
  2. What is the name of your C.R.K teacher?