Revision Questions

1a. Explain the three systems of animal husbandry.

1b. State the three advantages and disadvantages of the three systems discussed above.

2a. Explain the following crop plant diseases citing their causative agents, mode of transmission, symptoms and prevention/control methods.

  1. Black pod disease of cocoa
  2. Maize smut
  3. Cassava mosaic disease
  4. Groundnut rossette disease
  5. Leaf blight in cassava
  6. Root knot in tomato

2b. Explain the general methods of controlling crop diseases.

3. Briefly discuss the following terms; i. Photosynthesis

ii. Weeding

iii. Pollination

4. Distinguish between monocot and dicot plants based on their number of seed leaf, leaf venation, cotyledon during germination, and root system. 

5. State the two major forms in which flowering plants exist.