Simple Basic Stitches

SUBJECT: Pre vocational studies
CLASS: Primary four
TOPIC: Simple Basic stitches
Sub – Topic: Definition of stitches

Behavioural Objectives At the end of the lesson, pupils should be to:

  1. Define stitches
  2. Identify temporary and permanent stitches

Stitching is the passing of a needle and thread in and out of a cloth. A stitch is the thread seen between two consecutive holes made by a needle. A stitch is also the result of a single movement with a threaded needle.

Kinds of stitches:
Temporary stitches

  1. Temporary: These are used to hold pieces of fabrics together while sewing. This can be removed after sewing. Two types of temporary stitches are: even tacking and uneven tacking (long and short tacking)
  2. Permanent stitches: These are used to join two fabrics together and for mending torn clothes. Three types of permanent stitches are: back stitch, running and hemming. Permanent stitches are not removed, they remain on the cloth.
  3. Decorative stitches: Used to make our article look beautiful and attractive. Threads used for decorative stitches are normally contrasting in colour to the article. Examples of decorative stitches are: stem stitch, Cain stitch, Blanket stitch etc.

Define Stitches.
Two types of temporary stitches.