Simple Farm Tools

Simple farm tools are the tools that help farmers to make their farm work easier.
These simple farm tools are divided into two major categories:

  1. Crop farm tools
  2. Animal farm tools
    These are tools used in the process of cultivating crops. Some of these tools are used for cutting, digging, spreading, and mixing materials etc. Examples are Hoes, Cutlass, watering can, wheel barrow, garden fork, Digger, rake, hand fork, trowel, shears and Spade etc

Description and uses of crop farm tools:
CUTLASS: it has a short wooden handle and long metal blade which may be curved or straight.

  1. For bush clearing
  2. For transplanting seed
  3. Felling small trees

HOES: They are of different types; Indian hoes which have long wooden handles while west African hoes have short handles with metal blade attached to the handle.

  1. For tilling the soil and making ridges
  2. For weeding
  3. For planting crops such as cassava, yam etc.
  4. For harvesting of Cocoyam, potatoes etc

GARDEN FORK: It has a long wooden handle with four metal pronge attached to the handle.

  1. For loosening the soil
  2. For spreading manure
  3. For preparing compost manure.

SHOVEL: It has broad blades with rounded edges.
For moving soil and other materials such as stones, gravel etc.

RAKE: It has a long wooden handle fixed to metal prongs.

  1. Gathering weeds refuse, and stones.
  2. Levelling soil

WHEEL BARROW: This is made of a wheel, a handle and a container.
Carrying farm tools, planting materials and harvested crops.

WATERING CAN: This is a container with a perforated holes.
Watering seedlings and flowers.


  1. Mention four examples of crop farm tools.
  2. State two uses of one of the crop farm tools.

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